Library Information.

1.     The Library belongs to the Lutheran Theological Institute (LTI) and together with other Cluster Libraries is linked to the Main Library of the University of KwaZulu-Natal and other Theological Cluster Libraries.

2.     Books in the computer catalogue with the prefix ELC belong to the Lutheran Theological Institute (the prefix ELC stands for the "Evangelical Lutheran Centre").

3.     English books are classified according to the Dewey-system.

4.     A Cluster Library Committee meets 4 times per year and publishes a Cluster Library Guide.

5.     The LTI Library contains the library books of the previous institutions; Umphumulo Lutheran Theological Seminary, the Marang Lutheran Theological Seminary and the Lutheran House of Studies. English theological books are shelved at floor level and German theological books on the mezzanine.

6.     Books in the Reference section and those books marked for a specific class subject as Reserved (German A8 = Allgemein, English R = Reference/ Reserved), may only be used in the library. Reserved books may only be taken out overnight till 09.00 the next day.

7.     Books are listed in the annually printed Author-, Subject- and Title Finding Lists, as well as in the Urika-programme on the library-computer which is linked to the Main Library of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

8.     The library is open from Monday to Friday 8.00 to 16.00 during the university term.



1.     All prospective users of the LTI Library have to register at the beginning of each year to become library members. They have to fill in the Library Application Form and sign the declaration that they will abide by the Rules.

2.     A membership registration fee of R 20.00 per year is included in the LTI Residence Fees. With the exception of the LTI staff members, non-Residence Lutherans who want to become members, have to pay the registration fee at registration.

3.     The Theological Cluster Libraries have agreed that non-LTI students and staff of the University of Natal and other theological institutions can not take out books directly but only through the inter-cluster or inter-library loan facilities via the main desk of the University of KwaZulu-Natal Main Library.

4.     Upon registration users will receive book pouches (4 for undergraduate, 10 for post-graduate members). Pouches may not be lent to others.

5.     Up to four (for undergraduates ) or ten books (for post-graduate students and staff) may be taken out for four weeks at a time only, renewal is possible. For books being sent by post, two weeks are added to the time for delivery.

6.     Security: Great attempts have been made to secure the library and its contents:

6.1.       Users are to leave their bags, cases and books outside in the foyer or on the shelf at the entrance if it contains valuables;

6.2.       for gaining entrance or exit use the buzzer, the librarian opens the door catch;

6.3.       due to air conditioning windows are to be kept closed at all times;

6.4.       users may only use the mezzanine (where the German books are stored) with knowledge of the librarian;

6.5.       library users may not use the hoist at any time, and LTI can not take any responsibility for anybody getting hurt through irresponsible action.

6.6.       Please be quiet in the library and do not use your cell-phone.

7.     If students take books from the shelf only to read in the library, a marker should be inserted so that the book can be replaced exactly at the same place where it was taken.

8.     When taking out books the book-cards are to be filled in (date and name) and handed to the librarian with a pouch, who will date-stamp the book.

9.     Borrowers are responsible themselves to return their books. No books may be taken out of the library or returned when the Librarian is absent.

10.   For overdue or lost books fines according to University Rules will be charged.

11.   Stapler, guillotine (paper cutter) and punchers are not to be removed from the library.

12.   Excerpts of journals or dictionaries may be requested as photocopies at 30 c an A4 copy. For all photo-copying the user's book is to be signed and the fees then paid to the librarian.

13.   The internet may be used for study purposes and work-related e-mails only.

14.   Report to the Librarian if printers are out of ink.

Computer Room:

1.     The Librarian is responsible for the computers in the Computer Room at the Lutheran Theological Institute Library.

2.     Use of the computers is for adult LTI residents only and no children are allowed into the computer room. The computer room is to be kept locked at all times if not in use. The last person to leave is to ensure that the computer room is locked. The key can be obtained from the Librarian and, after hours, from the SRC chairperson or an appointed student.

3.     No computers may be removed from the computer room.

4.     Report any computer errors and faults to the Librarian.


Opening Times: 07.30 - 18.00; Monday to Friday during the University term.
Saturdays: 8:00 -12:00

Catalogues: Author-, Subject-, Title-Finding Catalogues (Computerized)

Fines: For overdue books fines according to the University of Natal Main Library are applicable. For lost books the price to replace the book will be charged, resp. R 100.00 if the book cannot be replaced.


We wish all Students a pleasant stay at the Lutheran Theological Institute!